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The Artist

Kirk Saber - San Diego Artist

Kirk Saber - Artist WestEdge Gallery

Kirk Saber was born in Denver, Colorado in 1956, of Spanish and Northern European heritage. Growing up in a multiracial environment and challenged with adversity on the home front, Saber explored self expression through art as a means of introducing unity and stability into his life. Saber’s serendipitous education engaged in him a deeper interest in the fine arts and cultural history. He was drawn to the great diversity of Los Angeles as a place where he could further his studies and moved there in 1988.

Inspired by Balthus and Van Gogh, who had no formal art training, Saber honed his craft by studying the old and contemporary masters extensively and was collected by, and encouraged early in his career, by David Hockney. Saber’s approach to the canvas is whimsical and engaging. Like Johns and Picasso, his art conveys emotion and passion. Saber paints in the figurative with the energy of abstraction. The paint reflects action, flows with movement and texture within the image, taking on a life of its own. “Being self taught has afforded me the luxury of having no limitations or boundaries on what is acceptable or appropriate, that’s freedom!”

Saber has received international attention, and his interest and proximity to the entertainment industry has garnered him collectors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, Glenn Close, Brooke Shields, singer songwriter Willie Nelson, Steve Finley, music producer Randall Richman and the late artist Beatrice Wood. Kirk Saber currently resides in Solana Beach, CA.

WestEdge Gallery is the working studio and gallery of Artist Kirk Saber, located on North Cedros in Solana Beach. The door is typically open day and night, but without a specific schedule. Visitors are welcome to stop by, however, for a guaranteed viewing, please call or text ahead of time to make an appointment – (619) 581-0570.

WestEdge Gallery
124 East Cliff Street, Unit B
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(619) 581-0570

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